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Lake Powell Update

July 5, 2016

Lake Powell elevation is 3621' msl and rising slowly.
The water is 490 feet deep at the dam.


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How Full are the Reservoirs?

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Over 20 million people living in the Southwest U.S. depend upon Lake Powell for an ensured water supply and their economic well being.

Lake Powell is the 2nd largest reservoir in the United States, capable of storing 24.3 million acre-feet of water, which eliminates the need for severe water rationing during times of drought.

Water flowing through Glen Canyon Dam provides a valuable source of hydroelectricity, important to the stability of the western grid electrical system and an important source of revenue to the federal government for the repayment of irrigation projects in the Upper Basin of the Colorado River.

In addition, Lake Powell is considered by many to be the most beautiful lake in the world, with sandstone canyons and 96 major tributaries awaiting exploration.

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Quagga Mussel Alert!!
(Every Boater Please Read)

Decontamination is now required for boat leaving Lake Powell.
All boats must be cleaned of mud and debris and drained of all water including live wells, wakeboard ballast and bilges on the launch ramp. Failure to do so before leaving the launch ramp will result in a citation.

Please check your docklines and anchors to ensure that
no mussels are transported to other bodies of water.

Don't Move a Mussel Video

What would
John Wesley Powell think?

Lesson of Conemaugh

“The best agriculture of the world today is carried on by means of artificial irrigation. The seemingly desert plains of the arid region of the West are, in fact, abundantly rich when watered artificially.”

“Ultimately one of the great agricultural regions of this country will be found in the irrigated plains and valleys of the West."

“Already the storing of these waters is begun; the people are constructing reservoirs, and will  continue the process until all of the streams of the arid region are wholly utilized in this manner, so that no waste water runs to the sea.”

J.W. Powell, 1889



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