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The following brief statement was prepared by Stan Jones, also known as "Mister Lake Powell", and was read into the Congressional record at the September 23, 1997 hearings conducted by Congressmen Hansen (Utah) and Doolittle (California).


I submit to you, the Glen Canyon area and its 100 or more side canyons do not need to be restored, why, because they were never lost or destroyed by waters of Lake Powell. Every canyon is still there and in its full splendor. Yes, there my be 100 or even 200 feet of water on their floors, but when the walls go up, sometimes straight up over a 1000 feet, it actually enhances them. Rather than think of it as spoiling them, think of them as having a reflective base that appears to double their height. Plus they are completely accessible by water now or still by land, on foot or pack animal if you prefer. The water access can make the trip short, full of additional splendor and be very calming. In a week or two of concerted boating effort a person or group could see nearly all 100 of them. Without the water access, I doubt a person or group could see them all in a lifetime. I invite Adam Werbach and David Brower to come to Page and we will personally show them the variety of splendor they never have nor would ever see if they had to walk in, ride the river or pack in on mules.

Stan Jones

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