"David Brower’s verbal association of proposed dams in Echo Park and Glen Canyon has led many newspaper reporters, writers, and other casual observers to conclude that a dam in the latter was a substitute for the former. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth."

Bud Rusho
Public Affairs Officer - Bureau of Reclamation


"Previous Administrations of both political parties, as well as the U.S. Congress, have said that Glen Canyon Dam is here to stay because it is serving millions of people in the Southwestern United States. Congress, through the passage of the Grand Canyon Protection Act of 1992, clearly stated that the dam and reservoir have a place in the tapestry of the country."

Commission John W. Keys III
Commissioner of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.


"The draining of Lake Powell would do nothing but harm the economic and social welfare of the Navajo Nation."

 Melvin F. Bautista, Executive Director
Division of Natural Resources
The Navajo Nation


"Were it not for the storage Lake Powell provides, Lake Mead's water level would likely be precariously low, threatening both Southern Nevada's drinking water intakes and impairing the ability of Hoover Dam to generate hydroelectric power."

J.C. Davis spokesman for the
Southern Nevada Water Authority


"We're not trying to get rid of the dam. We recognize its significant human benefits."

Nikolai Ramsey Grand Canyon Trust
April 2, 2004, Arizona Daily Sun


 "Surely, we as a nation have more pressing items on our environmental 'to do' list than draining Lake Powell for the benefit of a select few."

 Joe Hunter, Executive Director
Colorado River Energy Distributors Assn.


"There are 16 million people and a huge economy in Southern California that depend on Colorado River water and Lake Powell's ability to store this water."

Mark Whitlock, Executive Director
Fame Renaissance


"Clearly, there are endangered species that would become more endangered if the lake were drained."

 Denis Galvin, Deputy Director
National Park Service


"The idea proposed . . . to drain Lake Powell is not considered feasible by  the Secretary of the Interior and the Bureau of Reclamation because too many of the benefits associated with Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell would be lost." 

Charles A. Calhoun, Regional Director
U.S. Dept. of the Interior


"It is true that even with the draining of Lake Powell, we cannot return to the way the river and canyons were in 1869 when Major John Wesley Powell traversed the Green and Colorado rivers." 

David L. Wegner
Glen Canyon Institute


". . . the riparian habitat in Grand Canyon downstream from the dam is today amazingly vibrant, rich in biodiversity, none the less legitimate because it is a highly managed ecosystem."

 Robert Elliott
America Outdoors and Arizona Raft Adventures


 "Removal of the dam would have negative results [on native fish populations].  With restoration the river would run warmer and the population of non-native fish would increase.  This would not be promising for the native fish, as most of the non-native fish are predatory species." 

Mike Douglas
Museum of Northern Arizona, Department of Biology


Friend of Lake Powell