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Your location here in Page at this knoll is 36.9 degrees north latitude and 111.5 degrees west longitude. The earth rotates 360 degrees every 24 hours. This means that every hour the earth rotates 15 degrees about its axis.

Longitude is the imaginary line running from the North Pole to the South Pole along the Earth's surface. The Prime Meridian, located in Greenwich, England, is considered 0 degrees longitude and Page is located 111.5 degrees west of that location. This is equal to 7.4 hours of earth's rotation.

Time Zones

The concept of time zones was originally conceived as being 15 degrees wide to denote a one-hour variance in the mean solar time. However, some international time zones were adjusted to shorter intervals. Therefore, the world operates today with 30 time zones across the globe instead of 24.

Arizona (unlike the other western states and the Navajo Nation) remains on solar time year round. Arizona does not change the clocks ahead to daylight savings with changes delays the time of sunset by one hour from March to November.

time_zones map.jpg

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 Summer Star Chart
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